Nobody’s Perfect

“People love the illusion of being connected to something.” My professor in Nashville said this one-day in class and I scribbled it in the margin of my notebook before turning my attention back to the slide show. It’s a simple quote that reveals so much about the time period that we live in. We have an innate desire to be connected to something bigger than ourselves and a way a lot of people do that is through connecting with music and artists.

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How to Be Social (Media)

Utilize your social media platforms to help your fans better connect and engage with you in the studio writing, on tour performing for them, or even while you are taking a break from your music. You can have conversations with your fans and help reinforce the brand that you desire to create.

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The People Industry

Just looking at this past week’s Grammy awards and artist’s acceptance speeches you can tell they didn’t get on that stage by themselves. The music industry revolves around one thing that is not music- people. Multiple people collaborate to create the tracks that play in the backgrounds of our lives. Not only does an artist need all the people who can help create a hit track, an artist also needs the people with business skills to take it to the right people.

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