Let’s Not (Merch) Table this Discussion : Merch Table Tips

“Merchandise sales are the most common source of income related to an artists’ brand, says a report from the Future of Music Organization.” Behind the music, merchandise is the most important thing at your show. It’s what fans can buy to help to physically support the band. It’s the place where they can go after the show and meet the band or just connect with someone there that they can talk to about the band. So lets break that down together.

3 Tips for a Great Merch Table

#1 Signage and Placement

People need to know where it is located so put it near the door or the back of the venue. Make sure that the way it is set up is eye appealing as well as upholding your brand. Signs for the prices should be big and bold because hopefully, there are a lot of people waiting to buy something. The worst would be to wait in a line and realize someone doesn’t have enough money (or doesn’t want to spend money) on an item. Then they will walk away disappointed, with a sour taste in their mouth for their fans. Make sure the signs correspond with your brand as well. (Read more about branding here.)

#2 What Actually Goes on the Table

Just starting out, you might not have much merch, but it is always important to invest in some key things. It is expected now that every band on tour sells shirts so think about investing in a higher quality shirt (even if it is more expensive and you order less.) It will definitely be easier to sell a high quality shirt with a cool design. Also think about your fan base or other items. While you might think guitar picks might be really cool, does everyone at your show play guitar? Chances are silm so invest in something like stickers because everyone can buy those. Check out Sticker Mule—they always send discounts for when you want to reorder.

#3 Email List

Create an email list and encourage fans who buy merch to stay in contact with the band. While you may think emailing is outdated, it is actually proven to work more efficiently than any other platform. This allows the band to know where their fan base is as well as interact with them on a more personal level. It takes two seconds to sign up and then you have their information.


Take these tips and rock your merch table as well as your show!


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