We’ve Got You Covered

The Internet has this incredible power that draws you in and gets you lost in the world of music. Self-created content on sites like YouTube pulls you in for hours and then you snap out of it and realize that you had just been watching covers. One of the main things uploaded to YouTube these days are videos of songs covered by up-incoming artists.

What exactly is a “cover” video? It’s a rendition of a popular song. Artists record and re-do a song in a new way to show off their individual talent while singing a familiar song to the public. It’s a simple way to create content, reach new fans, and be creative.

Take some Tips from My Favorite 5 Cover Videos:

#1 “Hello- Walk off the Earth + Myles & Isaac (Tap Dance Cover)”

Be innovative with the arrangement– You might recognize this group from the very popular “Somebody that I Used to Know Cover.” Their innovation in arrangement of their song by using unusual instruments from bells, a surfboard, and even tap dancer draws in the viewer. They actually did a more formal cover “Hello,” but I like how raw this video is.

#2 “X Ambassoradors- Unsteady (LOOP COVER)”

Keep it simple- Chase Holfelder has been my recent YouTube obsession after my friend showed me the cover of this song. The simplicity of his videos shows his true talent without distracting the viewer with an intense music video. He also pays attention to small details. Notice how he didn’t use a tripod to film it giving the video an “unsteady” affect just like the title of his song.

#3 “Justin Bieber- ‘Sorry’ (Cover by Our Last Night)”

Genre Bend- How many of you get Jbiebs’ catchy song stuck in your head? I sure do. Our Last Night takes this popular song and adds an edgy mix to it. It gives the song a new spin and allows the listener to think outside the pop box while hearing a familiar tune. (Make sure you stick around to the bridge of the song. It’s my favorite part!)

#4 “‪MAGIC! Don’t Kill the Magic (Acoustic Drum Cover) – Gardiner Sisters ft. Austin Helms”

Collaborate! – YouTube has become a space for not only fans to interact with their favorite artists; it also has expanded into artists collaborating with each other as well. This is one of my favorite collab videos on YouTube because I would have never listened to a drum cover by myself, but when The Gardiner Sisters uploaded this video, I couldn’t stop listening to it. Collaborations have allowed artists to reach new demographics while just creating really cool covers.

#5 “‪Ellie Goulding – On My Mind (Acapella Cover)”

Play to Your Strengths- The whole world of acapella music has really opened up with the innovation of YouTube. With Pentatonix leading the way, others have cropped up showing off their individual skills in this field. Mike Thompson has been able to grow and show off his talent for percussion and showing his innovation with his cover videos.


*Special thanks to Chandler Adams for keeping me up to date on the latest covers and hidden talent in the YouTube realm.


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