How to Be Social (Media)

How many times do you pick up your phone just to scroll through your social media channels? If you are anything like me, you do it more often then you would admit. Now, why do you think we do this? It’s a way people can feel connected even if you are just laying in your bed watching Netflix. It is our innate desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

As musicians, this simple fact can help us in our careers. Utilize your social media platforms to help your fans better connect and engage with you in the studio writing, on tour performing for them, or even while you are taking a break from your music. You can have conversations with your fans and help reinforce the brand that you desire to create. When your fans are more connected, you will be able to better cater to their needs. Make sure you know the types of platforms used to better use these sites.

Here’s my Cheat Sheet for Social Media Sites


I view this as a hub for all of the posts because posts from other platforms can be easily shared here. Use this site to post links to music, photos from shows, and any other important information. Share articles written about you or gigs that you have just booked. Facebook is the place to hit for any general information about your audience. Read more about tips and tricks specifically for Facebook here.


Instagram continues to grow in users and, personally, it’s my favorite platform. It’s newsfeed and posts consist entirely of pictures and captions using hashtags to help when searching for specific information. You can also post short, 30-second videos, which is helpful when wanting to tease new music. Most of the time, Instagram users want to hear your personal voice rather than some specific PR message from a manager. This is the perfect platform to really show your personality. Just watch and make sure that your profile doesn’t turn into one that just highlights your life, make sure every post is still music focused.

Tip: Try and come up with an Instagram “theme” by using one type of filter or having a color-scheme in your photos so when they go directly to your user, your pictures will be pleasing to the eye.


140-characters is all you have to use on this platform. Be witty, be creative, and show your own commentary on the world. Sometimes you really have to refine what you want to say to fit it in 140-characters. It also uses hashtags to search for related tweets. Twitter is the perfect place if your stuck some where for a long time an want to chat with your fans, just host an online twitter conversation. Have your fans ask you questions with a specific hashtag and respond back to them. This is really where your voice can shine. You can also use tiny links links when putting other websites in your tweets.

Tip: Tweet back at your fans! They love that Twitter is really used as a conversation, not just a one way communication.


Snapchat has been the newbie in the world of social media, but seems to be lasting. When snapchat created the “SnapStory” feature, an almost newsfeed that shows all of your followers snapchats that you designate to go live on the story for 24 hours, it became a very engaging social media. In most cases, this has replaced vlogs allowing followers to view, in almost real time, your life (or snapchats you want them to see.) It gives the users and followers the transparency we all desire from social media. Read here about 5 Creative Ways to Use Snapchat!


This could possibly be the biggest platform for musicians. Youtube enables the users to post videos for their audience to see. Most commonly used among musicians because it is an easy way to share their talent with the world directly. Posting covers and original songs, management could discover them or just an easy way to show people their music rather than just telling someone about it. Some artists have spread to using this platform to show tour life, promo new music, or in other creative ways.

Sometimes these skills come naturally to people, but don’t discredit yourself; everyone can learn. The best way to do so is getting online and playing around with it. Do your own research by checking out some of your favorite artists and see what they are posting. Just remember to use your own voice!


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